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EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Live Mice and Organs Live Mice and Organs
EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Live Rats, Mice, Organs Live Rats, Mice, and Organs
3 in 1 EchoMRI™ Full View Body Composition Analysis for Live Mice, Organs, Biopsy 3-in-1 for Live Mice, Organs, and Biopsies
4 in 1 EchoMRI™ Body Composition Analyzer for Rats, Mice, Organs, Biopsy 4-in-1 for Live Rats and Mice, Organs and Biopsies
EchoMRI Body Composition Analyzer for Humans Humans: Adult, Child, Infant
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About EchoMRI™

EchoMRI™ is an international research instruments company that develops, manufactures and markets NMR and CT-based whole body composition and tissue characterization equipment. Our body composition analyzers are used worldwide to measure body composition responses to drugs, genetic knockouts, diet, and aging, in research areas such as obesity, diabetes, nutrition, pharmacology, osteoporosis, cardiology, animal physiology, etc. Beyond the existing applications, new extensions of the technology are being researched.

Several hundred EchoMRI™ systems have been successfully installed in more than 80 pharmaceutical companies and more than 150 universities, medical facilities, hospitals and other leading metabolic research institutions in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia for metabolic and obesity research in live animals. Many of our customers have multiple EchoMRI™ units.

As medical development progresses from animal studies to human trials, there has been growing demand to apply EchoMRI™ technology in clinical trials for humans. In response, EchoMRI™ has developed body composition analyzers for infants, children, and grown humans, aimed at providing solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical industries for testing the efficacy in clinical trials of anti-obesity and metabolic drugs and treatments.

EchoMRI™ has R&D and manufacturing offices in Singapore and Houston, USA.

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The EchoMRI™’s utilization of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Relaxometry, also referred to as Quantitative Magnetic Resonance (QMR) technology, takes direct measurements of total body fat, lean mass, free water, and total body water. The EchoMRI™ measurements are the most precise and accurate Body Composition Analysis (BCA) method available today, validated versus chemical analysis in several different published studies. EchoMRI™ results are also highly correlated with those obtained by DXA, but EchoMRI™ has important advantages over other existing BCA methods.

Key EchoMRI™ Advantages

  • Live subjects, no anesthesia required:
    This reduces the impact which anesthesia may have on the research subject.
  • No radiation or toxicity issues:
    Infants, children, and pregnant women can use this technology with perfect safety. Regular and repeated measurement over time have no side effects.
  • Fast and easy:
    The typical duration of a single EchoMRI™ measurement is 0.5 – 3.2 minutes, depending on the precision option.
  • Fat and lean are independently measured:
    Unlike DXA, which measures the fat to lean ratio.
  • Affordable, comfortable, simple:
    EchoMRI™ Analyzers are much less expensive than conventional MRI, are completely silent, and do not require advanced training to use.

EchoMRI™ is the only technology on the market today which allows BCA to be conducted in such a short period of time, with such a high level of precision, without the need for anesthesia or sedation of the test subjects, with the subjects entirely comfortable during and in preparation for the measurement, and with no radiation to be considered a health issue. It is therefore possible to monitor fat changes over time with repeated measurements taken regularly – every hour if required – and over the treatment period. This allows accurate monitoring of obesity, and detecting minimal changes in body composition due to treatment, natural change, diet, drug treatment, and other forms of intervention.